“Tap: Book of Angels Volume 20” (2013) Pat Metheny

Pat Metheny (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bandoneon, sitar guitar, baritone guitar, orchestra bells, orchestrionic marimba, keyboards, piano, bass guitar, tiples, percussion, electronics, flugelhorn)
Antonio Sánchez (drums) Willow Metheny (vocals)

 Pat MethenyによるJohn Zorn楽曲集。
 “The Orchestrion Project” (2010)の後、”Unity Band” (2012)の後の時期の制作。
 盟友Antonio Sánchezのドラムをサポートに迎えたソロ演奏。
 メロディ自体はいつもの作品と違ってJohn Zornのそれ、サウンドもここまでは無かった色合いが中心。
 フリージャズの演奏、あるいは ”Imaginary Day”(1997)にこんな感じもあったように思いますが、この人のここまでハードロックなギターは珍しいなあ。
 ロックギタリストPat Metheny、畏るべし。
 他の楽曲ではフリージャズピアニストPat Metheny、畏るべし、の場面もあります。
 また、Antonio Sánchezのジャズっぽくないロックなドラムがタイトでグルーヴィーで、これまたカッコいい。
 Pat Methenyとしてはやはり異色な作品。

(録音or発表年)  Group/ Solo/ Suport
(Jun.1974)   Jaco” with Jaco Pastorius
(Jul.1974)    Ring” Gary Burton 
(Dec.1975)  Bright Size Life” 
(Dec.1975)  Dreams So Real” Gary Burton 
(1976)    Passengers” Gary Burton 
(1977)    Watercolors” 
(Jan.1978) ”Pat Metheny Group” 
(Aug.1978)  New Chautauqua
(Jun.1979) ”American Garage
(Sep.1979)  Shadows and Light” Joni Mitchell
(May.1980)  80/81” 
(Sep.1980)  As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls” Lyle Mays, Pat Metheny 
(1980)    Toninho Horta” Toninho Horta
(Sep.1981)  “The Song Is You” Chick Corea
(Oct.1981) ”Offramp” 
(1982)   ”Travels” 
(1983)  Rejoicing” 
(1983)  ”All The Things You Are” with The Heath Brothers
(1983)  “Move To The Groove” with The Heath Brothers
(1984)  ”First Circle” 
(1985)  The Falcon and the Snowman” 
(1985)  “Contemplacion” Pedro Aznar
(1985)  "Encontros e Despedidas" Milton Nascimento
(1986)  Day In-Night Out” Mike Metheny
(1985)  Song X” with Ornette Coleman
(1987)    ”Still Life (Talking) ” 
(1987)  “Story Of Moses” Bob Moses
(1987)  Michael Brecker” Michael Brecker
(1989)    ”Letter from Home” 
(1989)  Question and Answer” 
(1989)  “Electric Counterpoint” Steve Reich
(1989)  Reunion” Gary Burton 
(1989)  Moonstone” Toninho Horta
(1989)  ”WELCOME BACK” 矢野顕子
(1990)  Parallel Realities” Jack DeJohnette
(1990)  Parallel Realities Live...” Jack DeJohnette
(1990)  “Tell Me Where You're Going” Silje Nergaard
(1991)      ”The Road to You” 
(1991-2) Secret Story” 
(1992)  Till We Have Faces” Gary Thomas
(1992)  ”Zero Tolerance for Silence” 
(1993)  Wish” Joshua Redman
(1993)  I Can See Your House from Here” with John Scofield
(1994)  “Noa” Achinoam Nini
(1994)  “Te-Vou !” Roy Haynes
(1994)  "Angelus"  Milton Nascimento
(1995)     ”We Live Here” 
(1996)     ”Quartet
(1996)  Passaggio per il paradiso” 
(1996)  “Sign of 4” with Derek Bailey
(1996)  Pursuance” Kenny Garrett
(1996)  Beyond the Missouri Sky” with Charlie Haden
(1996)  "Tales from the Hudson" Michael Brecker
(1997)  ”The Elements : Water” David Liebman 
(1997)    ”Imaginary Day
(1997)  The Sound of Summer Running” Marc Johnson 
(Dec.1997)  Like Minds” Gary Burton 
(Jul,Aug.1998) Jim Hall & Pat Metheny” 
(1999)  A Map of the World” 
(1999)  “Dreams” Philip Bailey
(1999)  Time Is of the Essence” Michael Brecker
(Aug.1999)   ”Trio 99 → 00” 
(1999-2000)    ”Trio → Live” 
(2000)    Nearness of You: The Ballad Book” Michael Brecker
(2001)    ”Reverence” Richard Bona 
(2001)    ”Speaking of Now” 
(2002)     ”Upojenie” 
(2001,3)   One Quiet Night” 
(2003-4)   ”The Way Up” 
(Dec.2004)  Tokyo Day Trip” 
(Oct.2005)  Day Trip” 
(Dec.2005)  Metheny/Mehldau Quartet” 
(Aug.2006)  Pilgrimage” Michael Brecker
(Dec.2006)  Metheny/Mehldau” 
(2007)    Quartet Live" Gary Burton  
(2009)    Orchestrion” 
(2010)    The Orchestrion Project” 
(2011)    What's It All About” 
(2012)    Unity Band” 
(2013)    Tap: John Zorn's Book of Angels, Vol. 20” 
(2013)    “SHIFT” Logan Richardson
(2013)    KIN (←→)
(2014)    The Unity Sessions
(2015)    Hommage A Eberhard Weber”  
(2016)    Cuong Vu Trio Meets Pat Metheny” Cuong Vu

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